I draw.

It seems as important to me as being able to speak. But drawing is an entirely different matter than speaking.

To me it is a monolog and a record of presence. Talk is fleeting one might observe but a drawing remains. To be able to draw is essential. I loose something of myself when I have no time to draw.

Drawing connects me somehow to a vague idea of potential. At this point I work in a modest format. Small sheets of smooth paper, a plastic ruler and a fountain pen. And colour. Colour is essential. Using colour in drawing creates an ability to make contrast on another level than presence/vacancy which is drawings basic language. Colour also gives an direct shall we say emotional reaction and a possibility for reference.

Drawings since 2007 represents a step away from the gestural in my work. Using a ruler, thin lines and repetition creates a meditative focus that makes it possible for me to explore small ideas. My hope is that these small ideas will outline some big idea somewhere down the line. But I am entirely satisfied with one small idea at a time in one drawing at a time. It places me in a receptive state of mind which makes it possible to explore.

Where drawings may be representations of small ideas that may or may not become big ideas painting appears to me as a way of ending potential. Typically in painting one paints over till satisfied. In the process the initial spark is often lost and something entirely different appears. A problem with prolonged effort in morphing a single object. Painting is for me a big statement. A big statement should contain a big idea. Big ideas take upp too much space. I have felt that in completing a painting allot of small ideas are lost in the effort of pursuing that big idea that painting should be.

So untill I discover the use of Big ideas or a way to transform small ideas into Big I’ll continue drawing. Hopefully a potential audience will find them of some interest.

Drawing Horizontal field nr44 detailDrawing Horizontal field nr51 detailWatercolour Dropfield detailDrawing Horizontal field nr43 detailDrawing Horizontal field nr41 detailDrawing Horizontal field nr50 detail