Note on fresh paper




10 sheets of Arches 300gsm divides into 160 small pieces of paper. Enough for 18 months of drawing if I´m able. The drawings I find interesting enough wind up in my frames. Altogether an 2 kg object that has the pretention of being art.

The small format makes it possible to explore the steady stream of ideas I am grateful to maintain focus upon. Then I repeat myself or at least try to but nothing is repeatable exactly. I make rules and I sometimes discover how they can be broken.

The drawings are clearly to be perceived as cultural objects. But they do not reflect society my perception of which being illusory leaving action based on the hand, the tools and the minds reaction to the former. I want something basic, beyond situation and the specific, rational, definitive or argumentative. I have little interest in commenting anything already present in society rather I try to reach a level of simplicity that can gently push the viewer in any direction. I hope that my drawings can reach a level where they act as fuel not direction.

My drawing method is repetitive and thereby meditative on a good day. There is energy in the gestural but I feel that it seldom penetrates a superficial level. Repetition generates momentum which sometimes reaches a stage where something other than the sum of actions appears. Ideas may be a motive for drawing but I only feel I succeed when something entirely different and gently surprising appears.

The stream of drawings constitutes my big picture. To make one big drawing does not seem to be a good idea because it would take allot of time and I would loose the other drawings. I do not like looking back trying to remember what drawing I was thinking about doing while making a big one. So I stick to my small ones doing away with semantics and big ideas one line at a time.